Staying Calm through the Pandemic

Where is everyone in a rush to get to? Uh….it should be only to places that are helping me to better my life. This is what we call essential—grocery shopping to try new recipes, go for walks and exercising outside, only going to places that are important. Having time to be with yourself and family or to create a new structure for your life. How amazing is this time as we enter into Spring. Now we not only can clear things from our homes, we can clean our minds, bodies and souls. It is a time to clean the clutter from all areas of life. 

Let’s enjoy this pause in time as we learn how to relate to ourselves and others on deeper levels. The relationships that we have in our lives is now something that we can actually examine and feel the impact. This includes our relationships with food, habits, laughter, inner-thoughts, daily routines, and spiritual beliefs. 

North Carolina has now been under a “Stay-at-Home” order since mid-March and we are entering May. The spring has entered the land while we are requested to stay at home, unless of course you are leaving something “essential”. At this time, there are several people who are experiencing hardships while others are living a fairly normal life. Normal life meaning they are adjusting to the times whether that entails restructuring their work habits, modifying workout regiments, enjoying meals at home, and continuing individual self-care and spiritual practices. 

There are multiple messages circulating as it relates to the pandemic. Most of which causes anxiety and fear. Both emotions can be toxic to one’s overall health. This is why it is important to ensure that we are taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually on a daily base. 

While at home, enjoy being able to rest more and learn how to reconnect and repair relationships. The amazing part is that by enjoying resting at home, you can actually meet more people by calling the numbers in your phone—bet there are a few that have not been contacted in a while. Imagine the relationships strengthening with people who you have met but somehow could never get together in person due to schedules, locations, or obligations. 

Reachout to people and have genuine conversations. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you learn about yourself and others. You will also strengthen your conversation and listening skills in the proces. We can always get better with relationships. And with technology, we can have text, calls and video chats. It is truly time to reset as we watch our relationships shift. 

Love, Light and Peace,

Dr. Acquilla Faye, Transformation Expert

Remember to breathe. Intentional breathing brings about calmness and increased focus.

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