Reset, Relate and Release– It’s a New Reality

As the world continues to face the changes that have arisen since COVID-19 many are faced with realities that they once ignored.

The pressure is rising as families are adjusting to the new norms of society. The way that we go to work has changed as many employees are now completing tasks from home via their phones and computers. Families are now staying home which means structure, education, meals, exercise and recreation for children is no longer the responsibility of the school or outside entities. Socialization for adults has changed as the churches are no longer holding services, bars and clubs are closed, salons and barbershops are closed, and restaurants are restricted. 

Welcome to the new normal, where we all have the opportunity to reset our lives without the distractions of outside influences. The pressures that many are experiencing is coming from the abundance of information blended with a drastic change in daily activities without any preparation. Change has a different impact on all individuals. Being able to adjust with change has positive mental, spiritual, emotional and physical benefits. The mind is able to create solutions more quickly, beliefs intensify, feelings stabilize, and the body optimizes. You become a healthier person because you don’t find change, rather you adjust and improve.

Think of a life changing moment that modified your daily routines. Now as you think about this moment, take note of some of the newness that you experienced which brought laughter and joy despite the challenges. Think about how you adjusted to the new norm in that moment and how much you learned, grew, and strengthened. Remember how you had to give yourself time to process the changes and then create a new plan of action for handling your responsibilities. And you did a great job because you are here right now breathing and reading this article as you reflect on that one moment. 

Whether alone, with family, or having younger children in the household there is no restriction on creating new norms for your personal household. Creating newness keeps life fresh, exciting and eases anxiety. Start by doing one new activity this week such as a new food, creating a schedule, playing a game, or learning a new skill. 

During this time of shifting, it is important to remind ourselves that we have experienced changes before in our lives. We have to remember that we can still go outside for a walk, hike and other exercises either alone or with others. There is not a rule that says we can not play board games, cook meals, watch a new film, or enjoy conversations with others. This means that there are a plethora of activities that we can still enjoy and build into our new norm. 

Love, Light and Peace,

Dr. Acquilla Faye,

Remember to breathe. Intentional breathing brings about calmness and increased focus.

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