TSS – Transformative Strategy Session

Save time, money, and energy with practical forward-moving solutions

2 hrs

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Are you ready to figure out why your business is not progressing? Or do you want to go in a different direction in life? There is always room for change and improvement. We are here to help you to clear the confusion that is impeding your happiness, goal attainment, and ability to execute strategy. The TSS is designed to assess and create a forward moving plan for each individual or business. Contact us for details.

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Keynote Speaking

Hire Dr. Faye, a professional motivational speaker who delivers steps for succeeding coupled with inspiration for implementation in a practical manner. Find out more about signature topics (click here)

Workshop Facilitation

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Signature Workshops:

*Corporate Wellness

*Vision Building

*Meditation in all Places

*How to Write and Publish Your Book

*No More Fear

*How to Master  Public Speaking

*Removing Hidden Bias (this workshop is designed to increase Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness in the professional and personal arena of business)

Professional Event Planning

Your event deserves specialized attention to the vision, outcomes and overall flow. We support you with planning and implementing your event in the arenas of professional development, workshops, conferences, retreats and one-day events. You will receive the framework to create an impactful experience based on the number of attendees, budget, location and objectives.  We help create events that result in understanding, motivation, skill increase, and research that foster stronger connections with employees, customers and one-on-one relationships.

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Signature Events:

*DeStress for CEOs and Management

(Learn how to identify, reduce and manage stress in the workplace in a train-the-trainer model or specialized professional development for specific managers/CEOs.)

*Reconnecting with Your Inner Child

(Explore researched-based techniques for increasing peace, joy and focus through play, talk, and mindfulness.)

*Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say

(Discover techniques to improve verbal and non-verbal communication in the areas of customer service, interpersonal relationships, body language, voice, and the written form.)

*Rejuvenation Team Building Retreat

(Participate in a smorgasbord of facilitated workshops that support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being while disconnecting from the hectic or routine day-to-day affairs.)

*From Idea to Understanding 

(Learn how to effectively apply writing principles that increase clarity when communicating ideas to your audience. Practice writing and presenting while receiving professional guidance.)

*Vision Building

(Enter the world of possibilities and receive guidance to make them a reality through mental and physical activities that lead to a physical representation of your goals.)