“Create a Memorable and Impactful Experience!”

When it comes to authenticity, variety, experience, and engagement–Dr. Acquilla Faye delivers! Her presentations will elevate audiences of all ages & backgrounds to new heights! Her keynotes about self-care, relationships, communication, and balance are applicable to all!

Keynote Speaker–


*Mindfulness & Wellness (Increasing awareness & balance)

*Closing Communication Gaps (Improve verbal and non-verbal communication to enhance relationships and achieve win-win situations)

*The Power of Self Care (Discover how to see yourself through a clear lens that yields confidence increases, improved health, and defining self-worth)

*Team Building (It takes the community buying in with enthusiasm to achieve the vision, mission, and progress in building. Master the basics step-by-step to achieve the goal)

*Amplify Your Voice (Learn the art of public speaking, presentation skills, and adding to conversations in a succinct manner)

*From Writer to Published Author (Unlock the mystery of becoming a published a author to make you imprint in the world)

*Bridging the Barrier between Generations (Become inspired and remove the barriers that block wisdom and understanding between generations, perspective, outlooks and experiences)

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Spoken Word Performer– 

Every performance is tailored towards the theme of your event. You will receive a multi-dimensional performance that elevates the happiness in the room.

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Event Emcee/Hostess–

You need a host who can follow the flow and fill in the gaps (if they happen) while bring variety, entertainment, interaction, and joy.

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Choose a song and she will make it happen with a professional, polished and well prepped performance. You receive a minature concert for your corporate events and individual affairs.

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