Affirmations ChAnGe Things…like “Self”

Alignment with the positive develops through prayer, meditation, self-time, reading, and other times of isolated enrichment to give praise or thanksgiving to the Highest Power in your life. 

Making daily time to align will clear our mental space, thus removing negative thoughts from our minds. 

Here are a few affirmations that can aid in clearing the negativity while strengthening the magnetizing spiral of positivity in our lives:

  1. I am smart!
  2. I develop ease rather than maintaining disease!
  3. I obtain rest that decreases my stress!
  4. I am able!
  5. I transform frustration into fuel of motivation!
  6. I am a magnet of positive in all scenarios!
  7. I am loved and I am love!

Often we forget how awesome we are…

Do you find yourself questioning yourself, your abilities, and your life?

You are not alone. By changing what you tell yourself, you will stop questioning and start living with more bliss and peace.

Use the affirmations above on a regular basis to remind yourself of how awesome you are! And remember if you want to change something about yourself to be more awesome or a better version of you then you can do it right now.

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