Journeying to Awareness

Do you know that you are composed of several aspects which reflect through your physical health? When visiting the doctor, your physical body reflects how well you are caring for your mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. There are layers to everyone which include the physical body, mental body, spiritual body, and emotional body. 

This my friend is called total self-awareness which improves your ability to care for your entire body in as a whole. Your self-awareness and habits are two key factors in your wholistic health care regiment. Having a wholistic health care regiment means developing the habit of looking at all four aspects or layers of yourself as it relates to feeling energized, focused, productive and able to accomplish daily tasks without difficulty.

How often do we discuss our wholistic health as a family, community or even ourselves? Better yet, how many of us even know that we have several aspects to ourselves that require constant attention, nourishment, and maintenance? Often times when it comes to health, we only think about it when the need arises to visit a doctor because we don’t feel well or an emergency occurs.

Today, we are discussing the Whole (total) self-care from the understanding that you are more than what the eyes see when standing in front of the mirror viewing your reflection. In acknowledging that your health depends on more than what meets the eye, you are training your mind to break the chain of ignoring your total well-being. As the mind begins to recognize that you are created in a dynamic composition of layers that create the total package that is the wonderful person you are, then you are able to learn habits that will support you in continuously improving your quality of life.

Our communities often discuss the importance of being healthy while ignoring the wholistic composition that creates each person. For instance, we go to the doctor for physical problems while ignoring mentally and emotionally damaging habits. Sometimes we will even ignore our physical, mental and emotional health by going to church and praying, yet not continue to develop a personal relationship with the Creator on our own. Too often we ignore that we have a responsibility to care for our entire temple (body) in order to live the life that we desire and are destined.  Isolating our thoughts to justify habits that are destructive or unhealthy leads to a life filled with various complications that often times could be easily solved or avoided.

Today, I ask you to take the first step in breaking the mental chain of only thinking of yourself as a physical body. Your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being depends on you acknowledging that you are intricately and divinely created to have a powerful impact in this world. Wholistic care matters. And today is the day that you can begin with looking in the mirror and recognizing that you are a total package which deserves and requires your tender, love and care.

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